Writing I’m most proud of:

Personal essays

The Stylish Literary Legacy of James Baldwin, Mr. Porter

Novelist Mr Mateo Askaripour’s Insider Guide to New York City, Mr. Porter

Black Buck’s Mateo Askaripour: ‘I didn’t hesitate on injecting humour’, The Big Issue

10 Books that ‘Disrupted’ the Literary Status Quo, Goodreads

Mateo Askaripour’s Playlist for His Novel “Black Buck”, largehearted boy

Author Mateo Askaripour Has a Waffle Routine, New York Magazine

Move Over, Willy Loman—Literature Needs a New Salesman, Electric Literature

Through Films for Black Audiences, Ousmane Sembene Spoke to All, Lit Hub

Falling in Love with Malcolm X—and His Mastery of Metaphor, Lit Hub

Writing Out of My Hometown, Lit Hub

Why I Won’t Teach My Child to Believe in God, Medium

Toward an Expanded Black Canon of Literature, Lit Hub

Why I Won’t Hate Racist White Boys, Medium

The Distinct Anxiety of Interracial Dating, Catapult Magazine

How I Became the Nigger from Pulp Fiction in Florence, Medium


In Favor of Speed: Write Fast, Fix Later, Lit Hub

Ten-Point-Five Tips for Success, B&N Reads

Want to Be More Successful? Write Better. Here’s How., Entrepreneur

Watching ‘Roots’ in the Age of Trump, The Rumpus


Me Against the Mafia: How I Hiked Mount Batur Alone, Outpost Magazine

A Journey of Tears Through the National Museum, The Straits Times

Manaca Iznaga: Cuba’s Haunting Slave Plantation, Outpost Magazine

There Will Be Blood: My Amateur Thai Boxing Story, Outpost Magazine

Letter to Dad: Words before I go, Matador Network


8.5 Tips for New Sales Managers, Sales Hacker

This Is How To Motivate Yourself In Sales (It’s Easier Than You Think), Sales Hacker

How to Define and Manage each type of Player, Sales Hacker

How to Bring Your Sales Management into the 21st Century, CloserIQ

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